a busy woman's exercise & nutrition toolkit for holistic wellness

Previously known as "Teach a Woman to Lift" - but it's so much more than that.



12 weeks of transformation

Over the last decade that I've spent in the fitness space - from learning how to use gym equipment, to teaching 60 year olds how to deadlift, I've noticed a big problem. Not enough women feel comfortable in the strength training world. And I don't mean body building - I mean being strong enough to do daily tasks, reduce the rate of bone loss as through age, and enjoy the mental health benefits that come from feeling strong and healthy.

I created this program to bring women the tools they need to feel like their health and fitness matters and deserves to take up space.

This 12-week program is not just a workout. It's education. It's health coaching. It's independence. It's an experience of development that encompasses your movement, your relationship with food, your big dreams, your lifestyles and habits, and the elements that make you who you are and how to find your version of "balance" in them. 

Yes, after 12 weeks, you'll be able to understand program basics and exercise selection so you can build your own workouts. You'll also learn tools to better understand the food you put in your body, how to update the language you use to talk to yourself, and how taking care of yourself helps you take care of everything else.


This is a holistic approach to health. It's a system to build the life you could be living. 

Bigger than just a workout program.

The confidence to support your goals is rooted in more than physical fitness. 

Movement and growth are physical, mental, and spiritual.


"I LOVED learning and moving through the 12-week Teach a Woman to Lift program. It gave me structure and knowledge to design and implement my own strength workouts with purpose!"

- Anna H.

Yes, we'll learn movement...

- 12 weeks of sequential workouts designed by me and delivered on the KTN MVMT app (Trainerize) that you can do at home or gym. 


- Each workout can be accomplished in under 45 minutes, WHILE teaching you key principles for the week, so it's highly time-effective

- Learn how to scale a workout for your experience, available time, travel plans, equipment, and busy life

- Learn how to choose exercises and the order to perform them in

- Learn how to design and stick to your own workout program


and much more.

- The support your need from me through messaging through the app.


- Goal setting, reflection prompts to gauge progress and change, and a shared Google Drive folder with session notes and resources (meal ideas, exercise tips, time management strategies, and more.)

- Dedicated Discord channel specifically for the KTN MVMT community.

Investment: $360 

"I decided to join the 'Teach a Woman to lift'- 12 week program and it’s been worth it! As someone who’s always been intimidated by the gym and lifting weights, Katie lays out everything with easy to follow along videos and written directions for work outs. The app has been great at keeping track of all of my workouts and I can message Katie with any questions I have. I absolutely love our weekly zoom check ins that keep me accountable and they make me feel like someone truly cares about my physical and mental well-being. 10/10 would recommend Katie and any of her programs…totally worth it!!"

- Hannah F.



  • This program is 100% online (meaning you can do it anywhere, any place, any time)

  • The program is paced for you, but you can always move at a slower speed to take the time to absorb AND practice

  • Access to the KTN MVMT community Discord, where you'll have the support of a community beyond the duration of the program

  • Direct access to me through Trainerize app messaging, so you can ask questions & get support



  • In between sessions, how much time you spend on your goals is up to you and your level of commitment.

  • You will have programmed workouts every week that you can accomplish in less than 45 minutes. 

  • Get weekly accountability check ins to help you stay motivated


  • Weeks 1-4: Basic movement patterns (what's that even mean?), regressions (make things more doable based on experience, equipment, time, etc.), and progressions (make things more challenging.) Basics of nutrition and building a balanced plate. Intro to mindfulness and self-care.

  • Weeks 5-8: Basics of programming for short- (1 month) and long-term (1+ year) goals like endurance, muscle growth, and developing strength. How to practice crowding out and consistency with nutrition. Establishing a mindfulness practice. 

  • Weeks 9-12: Exercise splits and creating your own program (how many times to train each week, how to decide which days are what.) Understanding and committing to the intersection of nutrition, movement, self-care, and health.



  • At the end of the program, you will be able to design your own workout program; BUT, if that doesn't appeal to you, you'll have access to monthly KTN MVMT Weekly Workouts so you will still have a structure to follow, and the tools and confidence to make it fit your needs

  • You'll stay connected to the KTN MVMT community by lifetime access to the Discord channel & continued access to the Google Drive resources

  • There's always possibility to grow. If you loved the hybrid experience of independence and support that you get during BEYOND, you can choose to embark on continued 1:1 online coaching with me.

What's stopping you from being your best?

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